A la Carte Services


1. Shampoo/Cut/Style: A good choice if you are combating the effects of humidity. The use of Flat or Curling irons in conjunction with Quality, Breathable oils will ensure that your style stays in place. $45 - 55.

2. Shampoo/Cut/Dry: If your goal is low maintenance with casual style, this is for you. The use of Natural boar bristle brushes in conjunction with hydrating oils will create rich volume and superior gloss $37 - 45.

3. Shampoo/Cut: When the effects of Heat Styling or Blowing Dry are not desirable. A combed through conditioning treatment gives your hair type the nourishment and elasticity it begs for to look its healthiest $25 - 35.

4. Shampoo/Style (Up-Do): For that very Special occasion. All of our Up-Do’s must pass the “Shake Test” $35 - 47.

5. Shampoo/Dry: A conditioning scalp massage compliments this little indulgence; whenever… $14 - 22.

6. Super Short: Mist, Cut and Go! You are never short on style though!

A. Unisex cut: $20.

B. Buzz cut: $15.

Permanent, Demi-Permanent or Glossed, Subtle, dramatic; the possibilities are endless and your formulations are Customized

7. Virgin Color: Go All The Way! From Root to ends! $45 - 95.

8. Retouch: Love your color? Keep it that way without overlapping previously processed hair $38 - 75.

9. Eyebrow tint: The windows to your soul will be glad you gave them their voice! $20.

Painting Hi-lights/Lo-lights:

Playful sparks of color add intrigue to any style or color and add visual movement to your locks

10.Entire Head: Are you looking to lighten or darken your overall color? Is your hair long? Are you tired of monthly color retouching that lacks depth? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, Painting your hair addresses every one of those situations with the added benefit of having an average 4-6 months of color freedom! $97 - 130.

11.Partial: Long or short hair, top half or bottom; Partial painting is for you that change your hair often $47 - 65.

12.Accents: A little piece can sometimes make a Big statement $12. / Piece

13.Balayage: A less uniform application that allows for a sun kissed, natural looking color that is custom chosen to suit your skin tone $50. - 105. 

14.Ombre: A color trend requiring very little upkeep. The effects result in a gradual tapering of colors and tones from roots to ends. $75 - 95. 

15.Perm/Relaxer: Hair not holding a style, lying flat and unmanageable or wild and unruly is a sign that a perm should be applied. Directional perms and Body waving are gentle ways to redirect problem hair into Fabulous Hair! $57/box

Spa Treatments

Body Waxing:
No need to pack that razor or can of shaving foam and sensitive skin lotion, most waxed areas of the body stay hairless for 4-6 weeks and grow back sparser and less coarse...Life just got a little easier!

16. Full legs: This treatment is a good Winter Season Starter followed by another treatment before Spring arrives. $65 - 95.

17. Lower legs: Lower leg hair grows coarser and faster than the upper leg. With maintenance this affordable, you can Stay silky smooth! $35.

18. Arms: Pumped guns and fresh ink show best on arms that boast the smoothness of skin that is waxed. You're too good for stubble! $45 - 65.

19. Back: Summer's heat will become almost "bearable" $45 - $65.

20. Bikini: A conservative choice for anyone wishing to avoid the horror of razor rash outside of the underwear line. $35.

21. Brazilian: There are so may different definitions of this one, pick yours for one low price. $45.

Underarms: If shaving gives you "razor bumps" they will disappear with regular underarm waxing! $20.

Eyebrow Shaping: First time shaping or reshaping  $15.

Full Facial WaxEnjoy the benefit of being smooth-faced when applying makeup by rendering the eyebrows, lip, chin and cheeks whiskerless $35.

25. Spot wax: Choose one: eyebrows, lip, chin, toes, finger $10.

26. The "Ahh..." Facial:  $65.
27. Express Facial:  $50.
28. Time Management Facial: $25.
29. Back Facial: $65.
30. Leg Scrub: $45.
31. Masque Add-On:  $15.
32. Foot Reflexology Add-On: $20.